In response to Taney's request for images (Werner Sun)


Double Vision 3D, triptych, 2019
Archival inkjet prints and acrylic on board
16” x 51” x 2.5” (overall)


Taney Roniger said...

Gorgeous, Werner - a crystalline profusion! I feel like I'm running through a light forest in early spring with sunlight flickering through the trees. It's the smell of young leaves and damp, eager soil. An image full of life and hope.

Deborah Barlow said...

Werner, yes, I agree with Taney--a crystalline profusion.

I responded to this passage from your own writing about your work:

"Folding images is therefore my way of actively perceiving the world, of shaping facts into a digestible form, and of giving voice to the irrepressible human impulse to observe, record, and comprehend — an impulse that underpins both art and science."

This is a valuable exploration that calls upon your multifaceted competence as both an artist and scientist. Thank you for sharing it here.