The written component of this symposium will be divided into five two-day sessions that will take the form of an ongoing conversation among the panelists. On the morning of the first day of each session, a list of questions will be posted by the moderator for the panelists to consider. Panelists are then invited to respond not just to the questions but to each other's responses, the idea being to generate a lively and exploratory dialogue that will take us wherever it will. Toward the end of December, a transcript of the dialogue will be made available on this site.

The schedule for the sessions is as follows:

Session I - Goodbye to an Era: Examining the Legacies of Humanism and 20th Century Formalism in Art - Friday, December 4 - Saturday, December 5

Session II - The View From Today: Rebuilding Foundations - Sunday, December 6 - Monday, December 7

Session III - Aesthetic Form, Posthumanism, and the Spiritual Dimension - Tuesday, December 8 - Wednesday, December 9

Session IV - Posthumanism Made Flesh: Forging a New Century with a Reoriented Aesthetics: Thursday, December 10 - Friday, December 11

Session V - Art Beyond Art: Reimagining Aesthetic Form as a Cultural Force - Saturday, December 12 - Sunday, December 13

To read the session questions see the link on the home page titled Session Questions.

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