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In response to Taney's request for images (Jon Sakata)

    from ex(i/ha)le (2020)


Deborah Barlow said...

Jon, Your energy is so explosively expressive. You originally won me over with your mastery in music--sound, performance, composition, interpretation--but then it expanded to your deep and profound dives into poetry, language, visual form, installation, collaboration, pedagogy and wisdom traditions.

This exhibit happened during Covid so I did not see it in person, sadly. But it was yet another stopover in the Sakata Saga, a journey that just keeps going deeper and deeper into the _____ (any name could work.) I will be following you wherever you go.

Taney Roniger said...

Jon, these are so incredibly mysterious and alluring. I'm imagining they're stills from an elaborately orchestrated performance whose rhyme or reason wholly eludes me. I'm lost in a profusion of sensual excess -- one of my absolute favorite experiences! Mysterious *and* magical. (David's word seems to apply here perhaps more than any other.) It's been such a pleasure getting to know you. I so hope we'll get to work together again sometime.

Jon Sakata said...

Thanks Deborah and Taney! As Deborah mentions, this installation was never open to the general public. It was a collaboration with poet, Willie Perdomo, and student creatives at Phillips Exeter who are members of a student-driven design collaborative on campus. As the physical installation remained dormant (but ‘up’) over months, the gallery’s then director, Lauren O’Neal, suggested we create a virtual surrogate. Rather than trying to just document or describe the neuro-diverse, sonic-tactile-multi-video projection strangeness of the installation (including the large pneumatic BoPet cube that was squeezed into the side-bay space), I made the following short film that ‘troubles‘ the installation (and the ‘human’), to go places that the installation did and didn’t go. See: There's a description of the project included with the Vimeo vid.

The only person beyond the gallery staff and Jung Mi and I to experience it, was the poet (whose recorded readings are key to the installation’s atmospherics, dystopia, play, haunt, “mystery and magic”). He can be seen enjoying it in its neuro-cosmic splendor in one of the included images.

Yes, it will be a joy to work together again. Deborah can attest to the fun and sensorial freak we had putting on CLEW. Wouldn’t it be a blast to do something the three of us?!?!?

Deborah Barlow said...


Taney Roniger said...

And a second set of YESes from me, Jon! Let's make that happen.